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Customer Reviews for Daughtry

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Daughtry @ Saratoga Mountain Winery - May 26th, 2019

Nancy P. from San Jose, California
28th May 2019

What an awesome concert that almost wasn’t one! Two hours prior to concert there was thunder, heavy showers and hail. Just prior to the show, the storm clouds went away... And then there was DAUGHTRY! Love the bands energy, awesome set list and how Chris moves while displaying his powerful vocals. This was a wonderful experience in a spectacular setting!


Stephanie Barnett from Dallas, Texas
3rd December 2018

Loved Daughtry. The band had great energy and loved the crowd singing along. The live performance held up to the studio versions. Keep up the good work guys! What I did not live was the two warm up bands. Really 2? The first band was ok. The second was terrible and unnecessary. Cut them and get to the main act earlier would have made the entire experience much better. Loved the venue.


Anonymous from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
26th March 2018

Loved it

Lukewarm Concert

Melissa from Easton, Pennsylvania
28th August 2023

I know Daughtry has an awesome voice…. Too bad we couldn’t hear it. His voice was dwarfed by his band. They are great musicians, no doubt. But It was so loud! All I could hear when he sang was similar to a Charlie Brown cartoon when the teacher talks…. Wa wa Wawa wa wa wa. Maybe I am just getting old. When you pay so much for tickets, you want to leave a concert feeling entertained and pumped up. I left feeling confused. Something was definitely off.

Great voice - Wish he played his good songs

Jim L from Sacramento, CA
20th January 2024

My wife and I were super excited to watch Daughtry for the first time. His voice is absolutely fantastic live as expected but unfortunately, he didn’t play a large majority of the songs that people showed up to hear. Instead, he forced his new songs down our throats and even his encore didn’t perform the songs that everybody likes, and instead played more of his new stuff. I understand that you need to make money on your new songs, but we also spent a lot money on your tickets. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that an artist plays the songs that people actually want to hear.

Play what people came to hear

Ed from Niagara Falls, Ontario
23rd June 2023

Spent 200 per ticket. Waited forever to hear all the hits! VIP experience promised not given, but we will take your number and call you?????. Daughtry wanted to play his new music, we all sat there stunned for a long while. When he did play one of his many hits he lacked enthusiasm. Seemed like a burden for him to play any of his old music even indirectly told us this. Kept telling the crowd to be yourself and walk your own path. Truly disappointed in the VIP package that we paid for and were not given and not knowing your audience.