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Brian Regan

Finished Sep 27, 2019

MGM Grand Theater

The perfect balance of sophisticated writing and physicality...

Brian Regan

Finished Sep 27, 2019

MGM Grand Theater

The perfect balance of sophisticated writing and physicality...

Why see Brian Regan?

Live Comedy For All Tastes And Ages

Critics and peers agree, Brian Regan has distinguished himself as one of the premier comedians in the country. The "perfect balance of sophisticated writing and physicality" (Wall Street Journal), Brian fills theaters nationwide with fervent fans that span generations. His clean language and sharp, sarcastic obersations on everyday life have led him to be known as the "comedian's comedian".

The Comedian's Comedian

Brian's first appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in 1995 solidified his place on the show and in 2012 he made his 25th appearance - the most of any comedian on the CBS show to date. A rare commodity on the comedy circuit today, his adherence to clean language and smart observations whether it be buying a refrigerator, his frequent visits to the optometrist, talking about weird crimes or visiting New York City means that audiences of most ages, including children are regular visitors to his show with their parents.

Brian has starred in two hour-long Comedy Central specials and released three DVDs and two CDs. His non-stop theater engagements have visited more than 80 cities each year since 2005; in August 2013 Brian sold out the 8600-seat Red Rocks Amphitheater outside Denver.

Brian's Humor

His humor is based around sarcastic and self-deprecation that creates comedy gold from everyday situations, often channeling veterans greats like Steve Martin and Johnny Carson, making his shows something that you can repeat to your kids and your boss without fear!

Key Information


Parental discretion is advise

Run Time

One hour and 30 minutes


Finished Sep 27, 2019


Customer reviews

33 reviews, average rating: (2.8 Stars)

Vic McKlocky

There are performers and then there are spectators

Having been a fan for over 3 decades, this reviewer aint gonna start NOW pretending as if I could ever judge the most authentic comedian of his age. Some of us are simply content with watching him work. It takes a unique appreciation for the art form known as stand up comedy to recognize that Brian compliments small-town America by his courageous decision to try new material. If one is so limited in their ability to recognize value in just being in the presence of watching him work, then chances are there is no ticket price or set length that can satisfy. If I ever get another opportunity to see him again, I'll be there grateful to do so. ... Read more


We love this guy!

I brought my teenage kids (who have loved his work since they were little) to the show in the Kodak theater in Rochester. His opener (Joe Zimmer) was very funny and a different style and pace of humor than Brian. Brian's energy is so much fun to watch live and my kids and I laughed for the entire performance. I thought I had seen most or all of his material (he prefaced that he would be doing old stuff and trying some new) but I didn't recognize any of it. As always, his material related very well with us which led to further enjoyment. Maybe time flew, but it seemed to end earlier than we expected. We will see him again next time he is local. ... Read more



IVE NEVER LAUGHED HARDER IN MY LIFE!!! We were very fortunate to have second row seats and the view was amazing. Brian’s facial expressions were so funny and just made the performance incredible! I also loved Joe Zimmerman who was a fantastic opening act. ... Read more


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